About Us


Brief Introduction

Tanveer Assocaites is one of the trusted name in real estate and construction. Syed Tanveer Hussain started work in real estate sector in 1999 and ever since. the company is flourishing day by day, by growing number of its construction & development projects. Over these years the company has earned more reliable relationship with individuals, Corporate & other foreign Investors. Tanveer Associates not only deals in real Estate development, but it has a complete setup for Building construction. Project Costing & Marketing, Industrial Structure's, consultancy, survey of Property Valuation & Reports Overseas Investors Relations for investment. Tanveer Associates has dealt over thousands of customers, for Construction property, commercial Buildings, Apartments, Office and rental Premises etc. The Company's pride is the most experienced & honest staff, working with commitment & detivering the best amongst the other real estate clients.

The Management

A highly professional team of Management run the Company and looks after all the affairs under the supervision and guideline of the Chief Executive of the Company.

In addition to above the Company has hired sincere, faithful and hard working team of paid Employees including Qualified Computer Operators, Outdoor working in the field of Sales & Marketing and other office Staffs/Officials serving with the Association, devotion and full of their skill with the company.

Operating Principles

The following principles are guide the attitude, characters and behavior of our people which are integral part of our culture.

  • We strive to treat others we wish to be treated.
  • We set measurable goals and strive to achieve them
  • We try to be fair, firm & constant in all our dealings.
  • We listen to each other and strive to understand others point of view.
  • We strive to be timely, open & honest in our communication.
  • We expect people to take and share responsibility to their work.
  • We promote our company with pride.